Running has changed over recent years and, more often than not, we don’t just step out the door and get going. No, we’re thinking about what we need to take with us, and like most things, this list of items is getting longer and longer. Keys, cash, phone, and i.d card, and that’s only for the shorter runs. Like most people, on longer runs, I might use a water belt to carry a couple of bottles and a well-needed snack or gel but on shorter runs, my need to gather a few essentials is still of up-most importance.

I still need to take things with me, but I’d rather not carry them in a combusom hydration belt. I don’t need endless pockets, zips and front compartments banging against my hips and delicate private areas when I’m out for a quick five miles. In fact, let’s face it, some of these running belts are just a nuisance. They bounce up and down with each step, chew up the bottom of t-shirts and maul the tops of many a running short and legging and, more often than not, are just downright uncomfortable as they slowly turn gradually around your waist. But what’s the alternative? I hear you cry.

Well, here at Walk Run Climb we’ve been able to get our sweaty hands on something, which can only be described as a little bit of genius, The Buddy Pouch. 

Fitting neatly over the waist band of your shorts or leggings and held cleverly in place by small magnets sewn within the fabric of the pocket, The Buddy Pouch is capable of holding any large smartphone, keys and cash with ease. The Buddy Pouch is the perfect accompaniment to any runner and can easily replace heavy belts and awkward arm bands with ease. 

Not only does it have the capacity to carry all your essential items whilst out and about, but it also feel secure and safe whilst running. On many test runs, including an ultra-marathon and a swift climb up to the summit of Mount Snowdon, my important belonging were safe and sound, snuggled neatly in my Buddy Pouch. 

As all runners would agree, knowing that your essential items are close at hand and not bouncing around in half empty pockets and backpack allows us to focus on what matters. 

Neat, tidy and completely unnoticeable, The Buddy Pouch will becoming with us on many future runs.  Get yourself a new best friend.

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