Five Tips for new runners

We’ve all seen it, thousands of runners heading out on New Year’s Day with their head full of ambition and legs full of turkey stuffing and Baileys. Of course, beginning the year with a new running regime can bring great rewards, but beware, get it wrong and your journey into the world of running could be short lived. Here at Walk Run Climb we’ve created a Top 5 list of things to consider when embarking on your first steps.

So pull up your shorts, pull down the sweat band and read on.

1. Be yourself

Every runner is different. We all start out from very different places. 

If this is your first foray into a new world of running, your first steps need to be well judged. Comparing yourself to other runners is fruitless. If you want to walk more than you can run in your first few weeks or even months that’s up to you. Remember you’ve made it out of the door and you’re moving. 

2. Don’t splash out.

Many runners can be quite the peacock. Parading around in shiny, skin-tight lycra and rather unnaturally short shorts. Unfortunately, even the novices to the sport can fall victim to this.

Buying all the latest brands and digital devices isn’t going to make you run any quicker. Don’t cover yourself in fluorescent running apparel, high end supersonic trainers and GPS satellites in the first week because realistically you might find running just isn’t for you. Equally, from experience, it heightens the sense of disappointment when goals are not achieved.

All you really need is a good pair of running shoes and the open road.

Oh, and clothes, you must wear clothes. You know, normal sports kit. Whatever you do, don’t forget clothes. 

3. Fun with numbers.

Joining a running club or running with friends can have a massive impact on progress and development but make sure you choose the right people to run with. Contacting Mo Farah through Facebook for a training run in the sweltering hills of Ethiopia might be a tad too stretching in these early days, so start local. 

Where possible, try and run with people who are at the same stage in their running journey as you. Failing that, it could be a runner with more experience who’s happy to slow their pace to support you in the early steps. 

Local running clubs are great for this and lots host development nights for new runners. In addition, you might want to find your local Parkrun and get involved in their ever growing running community. 

4. Ever failed? Fail better.

Let’s face it, no matter how accomplished you become at this noble and honourable sporting pursuit, there will be a point where you start to question why you started in the first place. 

Running can be a cruel mistress at times and, without doubt, sometimes in your relationship you will want to scream the safe word and never see running again. 

You are going to crash and burn. 

You will regret purchasing that pair of running shoes. 

You will detest the day your brain created that curious interest in running.

But don’t panic this feeling of regret and bile stained bitterness isn’t simply reserved for new runners. No, this sense of spirit crushing rage and upset is one of the many reasons people actually run. We always want to do better and challenging ourselves after failure is sometimes the only way to get stronger. 

5. Celebrate yourself.

During the early days make sure to  keep a log of your progress and be sure to set yourself small, achievable, goals as you develop.

Overdressed, overweight and arrogantly over ambitious, I can remember the first steps on my own personal journey. It all started with a tearful, sweaty walk kinda run around my local streets accompanied by the greatest hits of Queen. It was horrendous.

Aside from the aches, pains and overwhelming concern of imminent cardiac and respiratory failure, I knew that I wanted to be a runner. Deep down in, my then twenty a day smoking fat man, souI, I was a runner and I needed to continue. Four years on and I can’t imagine my life without it. 

So lace up and enjoy those first steps.

We’ll  be here to help.

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